Maya Gao . Oakland CA

Maya Gao is a product designer passionate about bringing clarity to technical complexities and building foundations for early stage products.

Previously she worked on software that connect learnability and flexibility in the realms of map design, internal operations, and programming.

  • Replit

    2023-now.AI & upselling strategy

  • Retool

    2019-2023.App building experience

  • Stripe

    2017-2019.Internal developer tooling

  • Mapbox

    2015-2017.Mapbox Studio

  • Foundational UI for AI integration

    An early design system for AI integration throughout the Replit IDE.
  • The Retool IDE

    Balance learnability & ergonomics for the core Retool editor.
  • Retool Components API

    Define components & layout primitives for internal software.
  • Mapbox Studio

    Tools for designing custom maps & creating spatial data.