❤️ Hi I’m Maya Gao,
I design tools to help people think, create, and collaborate

I'm passionate about making professional tools for technical audiences. I love to approach a project by learning a brand new subject, understanding its intricacies, and finding a balance between data and intuition.

In 2015, I joined Mapbox in Washington D.C. to help shape the first version of Mapbox Studio, a custom map design tool for cartographers and developers. Cartography is a combination of art and science. Trying to dissect its complexities was a humbling experience.

I moved to Stripe in 2017 where I led the design of Runkit, an interactive JavaScript prototyping playground in the browser. I contributed to a wide range of projects there, including designing better debugging and prototyping experiences for engineers.

After Stripe, I became the founding designer of Observable in 2019, a visualization tool for data scientists. It was an exciting time at Observable where I got to define new systems for a product still in its nascent stage of development.

I'm currently leading design at Retool. We enable businesses of all sizes build internal tools and automate operational tasks. If problems like layout systems, permission controls, or configurable forms sound interesting to you, we are hiring.